Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple is revolutionary.....

The tide is turning, and the forces of hate and bigotry that have gripped our nation for decades -- selling us fear and suspicion about our neighbors -- are losing their hold on us dumb hicks thanks to tons of hard work and dedication by the forces of love and tolerance.

In a country where dogs and cats can be married without protest, when those who argue about the sanctity of marriage believe in it so much they divorce and marry multiple times and have multiple mistresses (Newt, I'm speaking to you!), a marriage between two loving gay adults is a revolutionary act.

Much has been said for and against gay marriage. That ain't my focus here, I take a dim view towards that racket run by church and state -- my interest is acceptance, not merely tolerance, of yer fellow man and woman. Who and how they love should be secondary to the fact that, indeed, they DO love. The forces of intolerance preach love, but taints that message with hate towards my friends, my brothers, my co-workers, that loving couple down the street who don't match a narrow definition of who is "real" and "valid".

The time for dividing us on gender issues is past, because it allows the class war to continue unabated -- being a straight ally, and wearing purple are both revolutionary acts, because it tells you I don't give a damn who yer consenting adult partner is, it tells you I don't give a damn who and how you love, but that you love.

And that love drives the right wing -- our common enemy -- nuts. Join me as I join you.

In closing, the prophet-comic Bill Hicks closed his shows with this song by Rage Against the Machine. The lyrics still remain relevant nearly 20 years later. When the reichwingers tell you to hate yer neighbor, yer children, yer brothers and sisters, yer coworkers, or anybody else because of who and how they love, do yer best Zach de la Rocha impression and yell "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Motherfucker!" And then embrace them, shower them with love, and tell them hatred based on who others love is so 20th Century.

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