Thursday, April 15, 2010

A video interlude: Woody Guthrie on Cde. Pavlichenko

In lieu of a "real" blog entry today (work has a way with interfering with an in-depth piece I'm wokring on), I'm going to start a weekly (if not more frequent) "video interlude" section here focusing on lefty music and other treasures.... This particular entry has been lifted almost verbatim from a previous FB posting, so apologies to those who cry "rerun!".

So anyhow, appropriately enough, with all the talk of militias and fascists, I bring you the story of Ludmilia Pavlichenko. Credited with killing 309 fascist soldiers (including 36 enemy snipers) during the nazi invasion of Russia (making her the most successful female sniper in history), Miss Pavlichenko was a rare breed of Soviet sniper -- just one of 2000 female snipers, she was also one of only 500 who survived the war.

Wounded in 1942, she was pulled away from the front, and sent to Canada and the US (where she met with FDR in the White House). She was made a Hero of the Soviet Union and trained other Soviet snipers until the war ended.

This here is a song by anti-fascist folk musician Woody Guthrie, who, as the intro below notes, recorded this song in 1946.

And while we're on the subject of Woody Guthrie and killing fascists, here's another song he did, way before Billy Bragg got a hold of it:

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