Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oklahoma Militia?

I've got a strong affinity for Oklahoma. I grew up there, I've got friends and family there, Woody Guthrie is from there, and I've got a lot of good memories attending powwows, the state fair, Middle Earth Daycare in Norman, visits to the family ranch in Woodward.

And as I've told folks before, I believe in two things -- a working class revolution leading to a redistribution of wealth and control of the means of production and distribution by the workers ending in a classless society free from the scourge of capitalism and wages slavery, and the University of Oklahoma football program.

For all the things I love about Oklahoma, there are also some things that drive me crazy about it, least of which are the politicians there that make Texas pols seem half-way sane, which these days is a pretty low bar.

I'll set this bit up first by saying that Texas politicians are known for saying some batshit crazy stuff on a pretty regular basis. The crazy just ain't limited to state legislators or congressional reps either -- Gov. Good Hair himself has stepped into the Teabagger breach and erroneously said that Texas had the right to leave the union if it wants to.

Keep in mind, the GOP not too long ago was all about "American First!" and "Country Before Party!" not too long ago, but now, they have suddenly become anti-federalist and pro-secessionist. We've already fought one war over that issue, and the pro-union side won.

Anyhow, Oklahoma Teabaggers have got Gov. Good Hair beat on the crazy talk. Simply put, Oklahoma conservatives and lawmakers want to form an anti-federal militia to "defend against" federal infringement on state sovereignty.

FDR said famously that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but the GOP has become master purveyors of fear, and selling it at bargain rates to their easily-led sheep, ever since the attacks on Washington and New York. They offer no real solutions, and they are more than willing to give away liberties for security, and the Bush Years were evidence that they really didn't care about the Constitution. This latter day conversion to Constitution-Fetish is frankly unbecoming to the wingnuts, who at least should be consistent in their crazy. Easier to keep score and keep track, you know....

Leave it to a foreign-born, black muslim socialist (that's tongue in cheek talk for the sarcasm-impaired) to scare angry white males into forming militias to keep the federal bogeymen out of Oklahoma.

A shame it didn't work for the Native Americans. And we saw how it turned out in Waco and Ruby Ridge.

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